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Vasinа Olga Nikolaevna, Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of general biology and biochemistry, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Educationa materials focused on formation of general cultural and common vocational competencies in the natural scientific field are in demand at higher pedagogical, engineering and economic education. Such potential is displayed by ecology-focused fragments of fiction, popular science and journalistic works by Russian and foreign authors, with supplement the basic educational course of ecology and other ecology-related subjects (“Ecological foundations of nature management”, “Nature management economics” etc.). Preceded by texts and devoted to world-view and civil position establishment, the developed and systema tized tasks promote solution of interpersonal and intercultural cooperation problems. The aim of the research is to compile a complex of tasks to work with ecologyfocused texts.
Materials and methods. The article presents original formulations of tasks and exercises to texts from works by famous poets, prose-writers, scientists, who have created a beautiful image of our boundless Motherland and vivid correct ecological characteristics of ecosystems.
Results. The author analyzed and systematized fragments of fiction, popular science and journalistic works focused on ecology, as well as developed original tasks and exercises to them (didactic units) for interactive and independent work of students.
Conclusions. The article presents examples of exercises designed by the author for ecology-focused texts from the literary heritage of Russian and foreign authors. The developed didactic units are universal and can be used in a wide range of ecology- focused subjects.

Key words

ecological education, higher education, didactic exercises, ecologyfocused texts, chrestomathy

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